740 Park Plastic Surgery, Closter, NJ

Plastic Surgery in Closter, NJ

You can expect the highest quality care at 740 Park Plastic Surgery. Our team stays with you throughout your procedure, through recovery and even beyond with exceptional aftercare. Dr. Stafford R. Broumand is Harvard trained and certified board member who is recognized for using the most advanced techniques and a revolutionary approach to cosmetic procedures. Patients in Closter and surrounding areas can enjoy natural looking results that dramatically enhance their appearance through procedures like breast augmentation, mastopexy, facial rejuvenation or abdominoplasty.

In addition to the surgical procedures, 740 Park Plastic Surgery also offers various non surgical options for its clients. Men can also seek subtle changes with the procedures suited for their desired goals.

Facial Surgical Procedures

There are several reasons people look for facial rejuvenation which includes desiring harmony of the features and enhancing a feature one was born with. You may want to change how your ears or nose look or want to restore your youthful appearance when signs of aging begin to appear. We listen to your goals and desires at our center to come up with a solution that suits your individual needs. Patients in Closter can choose from the following facial procedures:

Breast Procedures

Even though augmentation is the most sought after breast procedure globally, there are several other reasons women may be seeking one. Our team at 740 Park Plastic Surgery in Closter is known to understand your requirements and desires when it comes to changing how your breasts appear after weight loss, pregnancy or aging. You can opt for procedures that help add volume to the breasts, give them a youthful lift, eliminate the sagging, reduce very large breasts that could be causing back pain and improve your overall body contours. The best techniques are chosen to develop a surgical plan that will give you the youthful and perky breasts you desire. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Body Surgical Procedures

Our surgeons strive to use the latest and most effective procedures to help you deal with various body contouring problems. Any excess skin and fat removal, reduction in fatty deposits, and body toning procedures yield beautiful results that you will enjoy for years to come. After understanding your needs and goals, your body and skin are evaluated so that the best techniques can be adapted for your goals. When in Closter, you can choose from the following body contouring procedures:

Skin/ Non-surgical Procedures

Many people are either reluctant to undergo a surgical procedure or do not qualify for one but that does not mean that they cannot achieve their desired appearance. We offer several effective and safe non surgical procedures for our patients to help them achieve their body goals. These procedures help with addressing problems like signs of aging, fatty deposits, lax skin, rejuvenation procedures among others. Patients in Closter get the undivided attention of our team that strives to develop the perfect treatment plan for each client to help them achieve their goals. Here are the options you can choose from:

Plastic Surgery for Men

Men seek cosmetic enhancement as actively as women today. Our team understands how different the goals and desires of men are from the same procedures that have been used with women for decades and are hence able to offer perfect results. Since men are driven by different cosmetic expectations than women, we offer them a different approach to get them the subtle and natural enhancement they desire. Many procedures like facelift, male breast reduction and liposuction are actively sought by our male patients in Closter. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

About Closter, NJ

Closter is a borough in the Bergen County of New Jersey. It borders other Bergen County municipalities including Alpine, Demarest, Haworth, Harrington Park and Norwood. The Closter Plaza is the outdoor mall which features restaurants, stores, and a movie theater and was also featured in the 2012 movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. The Closter Golf Center offers a mini golf course and a two-story driving range.