740 Park Plastic Surgery, Demarest, NJ

Plastic Surgery in Demarest, NJ

The 740 Park Plastic Surgery centers are known for the undivided attention and exceptional care patients receive throughout their procedure and even during recovery. The team is led by Dr. Stafford R. Broumand who is Harvard trained and certified board member recognized for using the latest techniques and a revolutionary approach to all cosmetic procedures. If you are in Demarest and surrounding areas looking for a cosmetic procedure like augmentation, facelift, liposuction or rhinoplasty, you can be assured of natural results and maximum comfort.

We also offer a plethora of non surgical procedures that help you achieve your goals in case you do not wish to go under the knife. Each procedure at our center is customized to suit the body and requirements of our patients so that optimal results can be achieved which last you a long time. Men seeking breast reduction or enhancement procedures have also been satisfied with their exceptional results.

Facial Surgical Procedures

Facial cosmetic procedures not only help you enhance your appearance after a certain age. They also help with altering a feature you were born with or one that disturbs the natural harmony and balance in your face. Our team in Demarest will listen to you patiently to understand your issues and the changes that you desire before the best procedure and technique is chosen. Here are the procedures that you can choose from:

Breast Procedures

The breasts of a woman constantly change with age, pregnancy, breast feeding or weight fluctuations. Some may struggle with under developed breasts or asymmetry while others could be burdened with very large breast that make everyday life difficult. Undoubtedly then, breast procedures remain the most sought after procedures, and we at 740 Park Plastic Surgery in Demarest bring to you the latest and most advanced procedures to help you achieve the breasts you desire. Our surgeons choose the best technique suited to your individual goals so that you can walk away with perky, youthful breasts that suit your lifestyle. Here are the breast procedures you can choose from:

Body Surgical Procedures

Everybody struggles with some body part or the other, trying in vain to reduce fat or tone muscles. Body contouring procedures at our Demarest center are developed keeping in mind your individual needs so that you can enjoy the toned contours you always desired. From elimination of excessive tissue and fat, to reducing stubborn areas like bra rolls and love handles, we are committed to getting you the youthful body contours of your dreams. The procedures offered at Demarest include:

Skin/ Non-Surgical Procedures

Just because you do not qualify for a cosmetic surgical procedure or do not wish to undergo one, does not mean that you cannot achieve the changes you desire. We offer various non surgical procedures that help rejuvenate skin, eliminate fat and address aging among many other body issues with minimal or non invasive procedures. These procedures are chosen after careful understanding of your issues, evaluating your body and keeping in mind your unique requirements. If you are looking to reduce fat deposits, address aging and lax skin or are looking for rejuvenation of facial skin, book your consultation today to discuss your options. The procedures you can choose form in Demarest include:

Plastic Surgery for Men

For decades, women have enjoyed the changes and enhancement offered by cosmetic procedures. Today, driven by the need to maintain a youthful appearance, men are actively seeking cosmetic enhancement as well. Our surgeons understand the different and subtler results men seek from these procedures and help them achieve natural results with a different surgical approach. Men in Demarest looking for an enhancement of their features can choose from these procedures:

About Demarest, NJ

Demarest is a borough in the Bergen County of New Jersey. Since it is located in the Gateway Region of New Jersey, it is part of the New York City Metropolitan Area. Ralph S. Demarest, director of the Northern Railroad of New Jersey built the Demarest train station and in 1903, the borough formed from parts of Harrington and Palisades Township was named after the Demarest family. The Demarest station was restored in 1978 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 2004.