Can All My Problem Areas Be Treated in a Single Liposuction Session?


This is a common question we hear from men and women interested in fat reduction via liposuction, as stubborn fat accumulations are rarely limited to just one region of the body. Since there is no set limit on the number of areas that can be treated during a single liposuction session, the answer to this inquiry will depend on the needs and unique anatomical indicators of the patient. For instance, someone who has a relatively smaller build with less fat might be able to have each of their problem areas addressed during one treatment, while a person who is larger in stature may need multiple sessions to safely extract the appropriate quantity of fat from the desired areas. Additionally, it should go without saying that all of this also hinges on the exact number and size of the regions the patient wishes to target.

Here at 740 Park Plastic Surgery, it is actually very common for Dr. Broumand and I to treat multiple problem areas during a single liposuction session due to the special “liposculpting” technique we employ. Instead of limiting our focus to a particular region of concern, our extensive training allows us to sculpt the body in a way that complements – and even accentuates – the patient’s figure for a more comprehensive and natural-looking outcome.

Ultimately, liposuction is an incredibly individualized procedure, so the exact number of treatment sessions needed to address all problem areas will vary by individual. If you are interested in this effective fat reduction method, I strongly recommend consulting a board certified plastic surgeon who can formulate the safest, most beneficial treatment plan for your needs and goals.

Daniel Y. Maman, MD

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