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Dr. Broumand
featured on Spectrum News NY1

Dr. Broumand Featured by Into the Gloss

What’s worse than crow’s feet? Bad Botox. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stafford Broumand gives readers some tips and tricks for avoiding an unpleasant Botox experience.

Dr. Broumand’s Food Rehab Program Featured by Daily Makeover

Rachel Krause of Daily Makeover shares how Dr. Broumand’s Food Rehab Program has given her simple, easy ways to detox her diet and change unhealthy eating habits. To learn more about the program developed by plastic surgeon Stafford Broumand, M.D. and registered dietitian Jacqueline Weakley, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.

Dr. Broumand Featured by Hello Doll Face

Coconut oil is all the rage, and with so many potential uses, it can be a bit difficult to decide where you should start. Manhattan plastic surgeon Stafford Broumand, MD, shares how coconut oil can benefit more than just your cooking. Learn More

Dr. Broumand Featured in Avenue Magazine

Great news for “beauty buffs” according Avenue Magazine; Dr. Broumand’s new membership card provides patients with great deals on products and treatments, as well as concierge-level service at the Manhattan surgeon’s office.

Dr. Broumand Featured on News

Good skincare is essential at any age, but your needs change as you get older. Plastic surgeon Dr. Stafford Broumand shares his tips for great skincare for women in their 40’s.

Dr. Broumand Featured by Happi

When it comes to skincare, what’s best for your skin changes over the years. Manhattan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Broumand shares his recommendations for healthy, glowing skin at every age.

Dr. Broumand Featured on Allure

Cosmetic surgeon Stafford Broumand, M.D., references his studies in Paris to counter claims that “French women do not have facelifts”. In Mireille Guiliano’s new book, she credits healthy eating and religious skin care to the legendary graceful aging of french women, but Dr. Broumand knows its not just women in the US that are looking […]

Dr. Broumand Featured by Fox News Magazine

The first rule of skincare for oily skin has always been: “avoid oil-based products”. But Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Stafford Broumand disagrees, to an extent. Read more to find out what oils he says can actually help reduce oily skin.

Dr. Broumand Featured on Derm Store

With so many different products and ingredients available, knowing the best way to combat aging can be difficult. Manhattan plastic surgeon Stafford Broumand, M.D. shares why he thinks Retinol is something you should considering.