Tamara Spaide RN, MLA

Tamara Spaide RN, MLA, Allergan Certified Nurse injector

Tamara has over 13 years of experience in the health, wellness and beauty field. She has spent close to a decade working with top dermatologists and plastic surgeons in New York City, making her one of the most sought after medical aesthetic nurses. Tamara’s career has revolved around the clinical aspect of skin care, making her truly unique. Tamara believes in looking at the patient as a whole and not just a canvas. Tamara has her Bachelors of Science in dietetics and believes beauty starts from within. After completion of her undergraduate degree Tamara obtained her Aesthetician and nursing license.

Tamara is proficient in all modalities of skin care, such as laser treatments and chemical peels. However, she truly excels at micro-needling techniques such as AQUAGOLD ® fine touch and Morpheous8. Tamara is an Allergan Certified Nurse Injector and has had extensive training under Dr. Stafford Broumand, who is in the Top 10 percent of Allergan injectors. Tamara’s artistic eye and needle proficiency has led her to excel in 3D Nipple / Areola tattooing for breast reconstruction patients and post-surgical scar camouflage.