Recovery from a Breast Lift with Implants


Although a breast lift with implants is technically two procedures (mastopexy and breast augmentation) combined into one, this doesn’t necessarily mean recovery will be double the length of time and/or more extensive than it would be for each individual treatment. Following a breast lift with implants – also called an augmentation-mastopexy or breast augmentation with a lift – the majority of patients can typically expect about one week (if not less) of downtime before normal, non-strenuous activities can be resumed. This includes returning to office jobs, running errands, and/or partaking in light aerobic exercises, such as walking and low-intensity cycling.

During the initial stages of recovery, some minor swelling and/or bruising in the breasts can usually be expected, though these side effects should gradually diminish over time. Postoperative pain is rare, but some tenderness and/or slight discomfort may be experienced at first. The good news is, nothing more than over-the-counter pain medication is generally needed to alleviate these symptoms.

On average, patients are able to resume all activities – including sports, heavy lifting, and/or strenuous exercise – after approximately four weeks. At this time, some (if not most) swelling will have dissipated, though it could take several months for all swelling to fully subside. Additionally, the visibility of incision lines made during surgery should be somewhat diminished (assuming postoperative scar management instructions were followed), but it may take a year or even two for scarring to reach its final appearance. That said, all potential augmentation-mastopexy scars can typically be concealed underneath most blouse, bra, and swimsuit varieties.

Ultimately, it’s important to note that recovery following a breast lift with implants will be different for everyone. For this reason, the above information should be used as a general guideline of what to expect, not a concrete declaration of how recovery will be for every individual. For a more personalized outline of the augmentation-mastopexy recovery process based on your unique needs and goals, I encourage you to contact 740 Park Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation.

– Daniel Y. Maman, MD

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