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I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 38. I was referred to Dr. Broumand for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. It was an incredibly sad, traumatic time navigating cancer. As anyone who has experienced it knows, a process of great mourning about losing a part of my body and the hopes and dreams […]


Dear Dr. Broumand, “A most heartfelt and sincere – thank you. What you did for my daughter was expert – a beautiful combination of medicine and art. As I’ve said before, I believe we met you many years before for this purpose. We are deeply humbled by your talent and so grateful for your expertise. […]


“I cannot begin to express how indebted I am to Dr. Broumand as well as the entire staff at 740 Park Plastic Surgery. I recently had a rhinoplasty procedure and could not be happier. Dr. Broumand and the staff were so patient with me and answered all of my questions at multiple consult and pre-op […]


“I was referred to Dr. Broumand after dealing with 4 years of chronic pain & limited range of motion as a result of breast cancer reconstruction. I was extremely skeptical that anyone would understand the impact the pain was having on my quality of life, & feeling hopeless. Dr. Broumand spent time thoroughly examining me, […]


“I would definitely refer a family member or friend to Dr. Stafford R. Broumand, M.D. Dr. Broumand has changed my life. Before my breast surgery, I was experiencing pain, swelling and discomfort in the breast area and arm. Dr. Broumand has removed fat from my mid section and hip and implanted the fat in the […]


“It took me quite some time to make the decision to finally seek consultation for two procedures that were on my mind daily (and nightly) – why?… Was it pride? or fear? or that darn ego? (Probably a little of all three). Dr. Broumand had been highly recommended by a person that I trust and […]


“I’m very pleased with my decision to have Dr. Broumand perform my surgery. Not only was the staff kind and caring, my results are outstanding. Have already recommended his services to several friends.”


“Eleven years ago Dr. Broumand did more than save my breast, his talent, work, patience and kindness made me feel like a women again. I was only 47 years old, scared and I thought my husband would never touch me again, he took the time to match both breasts. To this day I can look […]


“My long tortuous road seeking relief from intractable abdominal pain ended at 740 Park Avenue. My journey had started two years before when a surgical approach to expose my spinal column to correct congenital back problems left me with severe adhesions. My abdomen felt like there was a rubber band in it which was stretching […]


“All my thanks to a very special surgeon, whose medical expertise and personal compassion is truly a gift to your patients.”