I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 38. I was referred to Dr. Broumand for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. It was an incredibly sad, traumatic time navigating cancer. As anyone who has experienced it knows, a process of great mourning about losing a part of my body and the hopes and dreams I had about my life and what I thought it would be and look like. The surgeon who did the mastectomy was good at his job, cutting and sewing, but was also rude, loud, cold and had no regard for my desire for respect, confidentiality or care. He upset me greatly and I just didn’t want any interaction with him. When I met Dr. Broumand I knew he was a highly regarded and leading plastic surgeon, but what was so incredible and for which I am forever deeply grateful, to this day, was his warmth, care, concern, respect and great kindness and positivity which shifted how I felt about myself, my predicament, my healing and my life. It is now 25 years later and I still go to Dr. Broumand for anything I need. I trust him completely and would never go to anyone else anywhere. He is a unique, one of a kind person who is a doctor/surgeon committed to delivering excellence, an artist and beautiful human being. I feel so fortunate that 25 years ago I found him and will always be deeply grateful to him for his excellent care and how he effortlessly delivered it with a kindness and warmth one rarely sees in anyone today.