“Just last month I had upper and lower blephorasty performed by Dr. Broumand, and I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Broumand is committed to doing the most natural plastic surgery that totally enhances your looks yet still keeps you looking like yourself… only younger and prettier! I was always very nervous about getting any type of fillers or plastic surgery because I never wanted to look like I had an especially “done” face but Dr. Broumand’s vision and abilities are fantastic, and I have never had to worry about that. His staff is extremely available, kind and caring and I especially give a shout out to Monselete Jill, Genevieve and Stephanie for their patience with my endless questions and concerns. The surgery and recovery were as promised…the facility and staff were top notch…. I had basically no pain, just was a little uncomfortable for three days or so and had a little bit of a tight feeling. My bruises were basically gone after two weeks and I was able to cover them well after about ten days. My results after one month are already fantastic, but I am told it takes two to three months for the full result and I am looking forward to that as I am already happy. I love how my eyes look… the crepey skin on my upper lids is gone and I have natural looking eyelids that are not too big. Dr. Broumand did not change the shape of my eyes at all, as promised, since I liked the shape. He just took away the droopy skin above and the bags that were beginning to develop below… and they will not be missed! I highly recommend Dr. Broumand for his incredible skill and talent as a surgeon. He put me at ease about a procedure that I had wanted for a long time, and I feel extremely confident about Dr. Broumand as my surgeon for any future procedures that I may choose to have. If you are considering blephorasty or any other type of plastic surgery, do yourself a favor and consult with Dr. Broumand before you move forward.”

“I had a facelift with Dr. Broumand and my results are more than amazing; he contoured my face in the most natural way. I look like myself but a better version with years taken off. I am going back to have my eyes done then my look will be complete. It was the best thing I have ever done.”