“Many years post- ileostomy and reconnection I accepted my external “battle scars” as a relatively small price to pay for my return to good health. I exercised routinely, was in great physical condition but still needed to select clothing carefully and double up my exercise shirts to cover my misshapen abdomen with its long off-centered midline incisional scar as well as the abdominal bulge where my stoma once resided. Over time I became concerned that the bulge where my stoma had been seemed to be growing even with all of the exercise I was doing; in fact the exercise seemed to make it more pronounced. When I mentioned my concern to my GI surgeon, he suggested that I consult with Dr. Broumand. Dr. Broumand determined that I had an abdominal hernia that required an abdominoplasty with muscle repair, repositioning of my novel, removal of excess skin, some liposuction and the removal of the old stoma tissue.
The surgery took place in Dr. Broumand’s modern, impeccable, private operating room in his office. The individualized personal attention provided by Dr. Broumand and his staff started from the minute I opened the front door, continued with a hand and neck massage by an esthetician to reduce any anxiety during brief waiting periods, administration of anesthesia by Mount Sinai-affiliated professionals, the finest of care by Dr. Broumand, and even an escort out to the car after the procedure, as well as extensive follow-up calls and visits after discharge. Dr. Broumand has been voted one of the “Best Doctors in New York” for many reasons: his surgical skills are amazing; he is a true artist . He is passionate about his work and uncompromising about patient care, the outcome of surgery, and follow-up. Ultimately, he strives to make his patients happy.

It is now 10 months since the abdominoplasty and I cannot believe the new me. I am no longer doubling shirts at the gym and can wear almost anything comfortably and confidently. More importantly, my abdominal muscles are strong and I feel healthier than ever. I am so fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Broumand and I highly recommend him and his caring, dedicated staff to anyone considering abominoplasty or plastic surgery.”