“It took me quite some time to make the decision to finally seek consultation for two procedures that were on my mind daily (and nightly) – why?… Was it pride? or fear? or that darn ego? (Probably a little of all three). Dr. Broumand had been highly recommended by a person that I trust and respect greatly and I decided to, at the very least, schedule an appointment for a consultation. After an ultra professional, educational, realistic and comforting meeting with Dr. Broumand and his team I could only say to myself, “I should have done this sooner”. Thrilled at the presented conservative options offered I decided to go for it and we moved the scheduled surgery along very quickly. Monselete Jill kept the “business” things organized and efficient while keeping me on point for preparations for surgery day and beyond. Dr. Broumand’s Team of Experts including but not limited to; Genevieve, Stephanie, Lisa, Nicole and surgery team are all so very kind, welcoming and helpful ~ with just the right touch of humor. I am only three weeks out from surgery and already I am carrying myself differently as well as interacting confidently and positively. I never realized how much I compensated my daily interactions because of my insecurities physically. Dr. Broumand’s expertise and direction helped me to make my best decision in moving forward. Dr. Broumand’s “work” is as an artistic sculpturist. Without wanting to sound overly dramatic ~ for me, at least, it was life changing.
Thank you Dr. Broumand and team!”