Important Things to Consider Prior to Breast Augmentation

1There is an art and finesse to conducting breast augmentation. Although it is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the U.S. – and there is a huge variety of practitioners actually doing the surgery – it is extremely important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon who is highly skilled and experienced in breast augmentation in order to ensure you receive the safest, most effective treatment and optimal results.

In addition to selecting the right plastic surgeon, there are several other aspects to consider prior to breast augmentation. I’ve briefly outlined a few of these below.

  • Results do not have to appear augmented. If performed correctly with careful choosing of the right implant, a completely natural-looking result can be achieved for individuals who wish to avoid an obviously augmented, artificial outcome.
  • Implant placement is essential. It is important to decide whether the submuscular, subglandular, or dual plane approach for implant positioning is best for your unique needs and goals. The dual plane approach is the newest technique and, in my opinion, imparts the best overall aesthetic outcome. It yields the benefits of submuscular implant positioning in the superior pole of the breast by providing a more natural slope and more native soft tissue coverage over the implant edge. In addition, it affords the advantages of subglandular positioning in inferior pole of the breast by creating a more naturally ptotic and durable result.
  • There is a wide variety of implants available. Breast implants differ in size, volume, projection, shape, consistency, width, and texture. Just like one size does not fit all in terms of clothing, one type of implant does not fit all. I am very scientific about the way I choose implants, as well as in my reasoning for selecting and altering the different parameters. This expertise in breast augmentation is what helps me achieve the most natural appearing results for my patients.

Ultimately, there are numerous elements that factor into the success of breast augmentation surgery, all of which can – and should – be discussed in thorough detail at the time of your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. By doing so, you can help ensure an optimal outcome is attained based on your specific needs and desires.

Daniel Maman, MD

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