What Effect Will Pregnancy Have on My Breast Implants?

This is a great question that every breast augmentation patient who is thinking about starting (or growing) a family at some point after her procedure should ask. Prior to providing an answer, it should be made clear that pregnancy—and any potential breastfeeding—will affect each woman’s body in a unique way, so the changes to the breasts that one individual encounters can be entirely different from what someone else experiences. That said, the great majority of mothers will typically notice enlargement and/or swelling of the breasts as their body produces breast milk, often followed by some extent of volume loss once the production of breast milk has ceased.

Getting back to the initial question—the good news is that no matter the physical changes that occur during or after pregnancy, the shape, feel, and integrity of breast implants should not be affected. In truth, a possible advantage of receiving a breast augmentation prior to pregnancy is that implants can often help protect against potential volume reduction. None of this is to say, however, that having implants definitively means the breasts will return to the precise shape and size they were before pregnancy. Based on the specific degree of enlargement and subsequent volume loss that occurs, there might be some noticeable skin laxity and/or tissue sagging present in the breasts. In this case—and depending on the severity of these issues—a breast lift and/or larger implant may be necessary (or desired) to restore the pre-pregnancy contour, volume, and elevation of the breasts.

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– Daniel Y. Maman, MD

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