What to Expect After Breast Reduction

What to Expect after Breast ReductionAt 740 Park Plastic Surgery, breast reduction surgery is one of the most popular breast procedures Dr. Broumand and I perform. Following surgery, patients generally feel much better: they no longer have shoulder pain, they are able to wear more appropriately fitting dresses and bras, and they are able to exercise as they could in their early teens. As an added benefit, their breasts are situated higher in a rejuvenated, more youthful position for an overall improved appearance.

In regard to recovery and downtime after breast reduction, women are often pleasantly surprised to find that recuperation is not as significant as they thought it might be. In most cases, patients are able to walk out of our office and return home on the day of their procedure, and the majority of individuals can actually get back to normal, non-strenuous activities within two weeks. Though some minor bruising and/or swelling can typically be expected, these side effects should subside over the course of a few days, and any potential discomfort experienced during this time can generally be managed with medication.

Aside from the recovery process, another common concern women express is the potential for scarring after breast reduction. While some scarring is inevitable after surgery, we tend to find that patients can’t believe how much better they feel about themselves, how much less shoulder pain they have, how easily they are able to go back into various exercises and activities, and how much nicer their clothes fit – all of which make “scars” one of the most trivial parts of the operation. That said, any resulting breast reduction scars can typically be concealed by most articles of clothing, including the majority of bra and swimsuit varieties.

Ultimately, as plastic surgery has evolved and our modernized techniques have enhanced both the recovery and results of breast reduction, we’re encouraging prospective patients to undergo the procedure earlier and earlier in their lives to enjoy more proportionate, aesthetically pleasing breasts – and improved self-confidence – for decades to come.

Daniel Y. Maman, MD

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