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Stafford Broumand, MD | Harvard Trained, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Unparalleled Surgical Skill and Individualized Attention

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Stafford Broumand, MD

Dr. Stafford Broumand provides a comprehensive range of plastic surgery procedures and minimally invasive treatments to patients located in Manhattan, New York, and beyond from his luxurious Park Avenue clinic. From facial rejuvenation and breast enhancement to body contouring procedures, each surgery is executed with exceptional expertise and personalized care.

A Harvard-trained surgeon, Dr. Broumand is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has garnered numerous awards and is renowned for his innovative techniques in advanced plastic surgery. Most importantly, he is dedicated to delivering top-notch care to every patient, from the first meeting and consultation to the procedure and post-surgery care.

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Best cosmetic surgeon!!! Professional, smart and personable!!! Beautiful, natural results. I have had my breast implants for 13 years. They look and feel the same and not one complication all these years. I did not have any issues after either. He’s the best!
Dr. Broumand and his staff are fabulous! They treated me with dignity, kindness and compassion. They turned a really bad situation into something happy. He listened to my worries and concerns and reassured me over and over it will be ok. No question was too small or asked too often. I cannot recommend him enough. He changed my life and I will be forever grateful!!!
From the first minute, an exceptional experience! Dr. Broumand and his staff are professional, kind, accommodating, and I always felt I was in great hands. One of most important things for me was I always felt my questions and any concerns were addressed promptly and it is obvious Dr. Broumand is dedicated not only to excellent surgical results for his patients, but to a whole excellent experience. I couldn't recommend him more highly!
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Committed to providing the highest-quality, most personal and discreet care available.

In today’s age, where rapid advancements in medical science meet an increasingly discerning clientele, the bar for plastic surgery and aesthetic services has never been higher. Patients seek not only the most advanced procedures and treatments but also a medical experience defined by personal connection, understanding, and the utmost discretion. Recognizing these needs, our commitment is unwavering: to provide the highest quality of care, tailored to each individual, and enveloped in an environment of complete confidentiality.


Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Broumand is committed to providing each patient with personalized solutions, guided by an astute understanding of facial anatomy and a deep respect for individual aesthetic goals. Facial plastic surgery is not merely about changing appearances; it’s about enhancing and restoring natural beauty. Dr. Broumand’s surgical procedures, whether it’s a facelift, rhinoplasty, or eyelid surgery, are meticulously planned and executed, ensuring results that are harmonious and tailored to the individual.


Breast Surgery and Augmentation

Dr. Broumand is at the forefront of breast surgery, combining artistry with precision to create results that empower and enhance. Recognizing that each individual’s goals and anatomy are unique, he offers a comprehensive range of breast surgery procedures tailored to meet diverse needs. Whether it’s augmentation to add volume, reduction for comfort and aesthetics, or reconstruction to restore natural contours, Dr. Broumand employs advanced techniques to ensure outcomes that are both beautiful and harmonious.


Body Contouring Procedures

Dr. Broumand excels in the arena of body contouring, seamlessly blending surgical precision with an aesthetic vision. Understanding that every individual’s body and goals are distinct, he offers a comprehensive suite of body contouring options tailored to diverse needs. His offerings cover a range of procedures including the Mommy Makeover, tummy tucks, liposuction, and post-weight loss body surgery. With Dr. Broumand, patients are assured a holistic approach, where their aspirations guide each procedure.


Non-Surgical Procedures

While surgical procedures make definitive changes, non-surgical treatments offer subtle refinements that rejuvenate and enhance features while also serving as preventative measures against the natural effects of aging. Dr. Broumand’s expertise extends to a range of non-invasive solutions, from hair restoration techniques that address thinning and loss to injectables like Botox and dermal fillers that smooth out wrinkles and restore facial volume and advanced laser treatments that target skin irregularities and promote a youthful glow.


Cosmetic Enhancements For Men

Dr. Broumand recognizes the increasing demand for cosmetic enhancements tailored for men. Guided by a nuanced understanding of male aesthetics and a respect for individual desires, he provides personalized solutions that align with the masculine ideal. Cosmetic procedures for men aren’t just about modification; they’re about amplifying one’s innate strengths and refining features for a sharper, more defined appearance. Dr. Broumand’s approach spans from surgical interventions such as male rhinoplasty, liposuction, and chest sculpting to non-surgical treatments that address aging and skin health.