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Plastic Surgery for Men

Dr. Broumand employs highly advanced techniques and technologies to help you attain your goals through the most effective, least invasive means possible.

The number of males seeking plastic surgery has risen dramatically in recent years due to an increased awareness about the various benefits cosmetic procedures can provide in both the workplace and everyday social settings. Whether you desire to achieve a more fit, toned appearance or you wish to diminish certain signs of aging that make you look older than you actually feel, Dr. Stafford R. Broumand offers an inclusive span of treatment options that can be customized to create natural-looking results with no obvious indication of surgical intervention. Our board-certified plastic surgeon understands the importance of privacy and discretion from consultation through recovery, and they take great care to ensure you feel confident in the way you look.

From body sculpting and facial rejuvenation to injectable treatments and wellness services, Dr. Broumand employs highly advanced techniques and technologies to help you attain your goals through the most effective, least invasive means possible. To learn more about procedures that are particularly popular among men at our practice, we invite you to take a look at the information provided below. If you have any questions, or if you wish to schedule a consultation with our experienced doctor, please contact us today.

Body Sculpting for Men

Over time, many men start to notice a buildup of fat in various regions of the body, most commonly in the abdomen, chest, hips, neck, and beneath the chin. Unfortunately, these stubborn pockets of excess fat may fail to disappear regardless of how healthy the diet and rigorous the exercise routine. Additionally, these troublesome fat buildups may be coupled with lax, sagging skin in many instances, especially for those who have successfully lost a significant amount of weight in order to achieve a more toned figure.

For males experiencing these concerns, the following body sculpting options may be extremely beneficial:

Facial Treatments & Procedures for Men

Gravity, genetics, excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays, and simply the natural process of aging can all take a toll on the appearance of one’s face. For many men, some common signs of facial aging include lines and wrinkles, sagging skin in the brow and midface, loss of volume in the temples and cheeks, loose skin around the neck, and more. These indications can not only create an older-looking aesthetic for certain individuals, they may also lead to self-consciousness and/or other insecurities in the workplace.

For males interested in diminishing the appearance of these facial aging concerns, one or more of the following procedures can often be an excellent option:

Wellness Services for Men

Enhancing one’s physical attributes is often just one part of achieving true self-satisfaction. The rest of the equation involves the improvement of your well-being from within, which begins with what you put into your body and how it affects your physical and emotional state.

For men seeking to achieve and maintain a more healthy lifestyle, the following wellness service may be able to help significantly:

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