Patient Testimonials

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 38. I was referred to Dr. Broumand for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. It was an incredibly sad, traumatic time navigating cancer. As anyone who has experienced it knows, a process of great mourning about losing a part of my body and the hopes and dreams I had about my life and what I thought it would be and look like. The surgeon who did the mastectomy was good at his job, cutting and sewing, but was also rude, loud, cold and had no regard for my desire for respect, confidentiality or care. He upset me greatly and I just didn’t want any interaction with him. When I met Dr. Broumand I knew he was a highly regarded and leading plastic surgeon, but what was so incredible and for which I am forever deeply grateful, to this day, was his warmth, care, concern, respect and great kindness and positivity which shifted how I felt about myself, my predicament, my healing and my life. It is now 25 years later and I still go to Dr. Broumand for anything I need. I trust him completely and would never go to anyone else anywhere. He is a unique, one of a kind person who is a doctor/surgeon committed to delivering excellence, an artist and beautiful human being. I feel so fortunate that 25 years ago I found him and will always be deeply grateful to him for his excellent care and how he effortlessly delivered it with a kindness and warmth one rarely sees in anyone today.”

Submitted By: G.H

Dear Dr. Broumand,

“A most heartfelt and sincere – thank you. What you did for my daughter was expert – a beautiful combination of medicine and art. As I’ve said before, I believe we met you many years before for this purpose. We are deeply humbled by your talent and so grateful for your expertise. Thank you.”

Submitted By: B.M

“I cannot begin to express how indebted I am to Dr. Broumand as well as the entire staff at 740 Park Plastic Surgery. I recently had a rhinoplasty procedure and could not be happier. Dr. Broumand and the staff were so patient with me and answered all of my questions at multiple consult and pre-op appointments. Amanda and Chelsea are truly exceptional, they always made me feel like they had all the time in the world for me and were genuinely concerned about answering all my questions and allaying any worries.

The results of the procedure are absolutely perfect. My nose looks completely natural and my face looks like this is the nose I should have been born with. It is a true testament to the skill of Dr. Broumand that not one person asked if I had any work done to my nose because that is just how natural and fitting my nose now is. Thank you Dr. Broumand and your incredible staff!!”

Submitted By: L.F

“I was referred to Dr. Broumand after dealing with 4 years of chronic pain & limited range of motion as a result of breast cancer reconstruction. I was extremely skeptical that anyone would understand the impact the pain was having on my quality of life, & feeling hopeless.

Dr. Broumand spent time thoroughly examining me, asking questions. My husband & I met with him 2 additional times to discuss the options of corrective surgery. Dr. Broumand educated us, was completely candid on risks, all while being kind & answering our questions.

His office environment is intimate & calming, not packed with other patients, tense, or overbooked. The staff is always friendly, professional & attentive.

I’m amazed with the results of the corrective surgery that Dr. Broumand preformed, already noticing a reduction in my pain. I finally feel like I’ll be able to get back in my garden, bike, & stop taking so many pain medications.

Dr. Broumand is simply my hero.”

Submitted By: R.M

“I would definitely refer a family member or friend to Dr. Stafford R. Broumand, M.D. Dr. Broumand has changed my life. Before my breast surgery, I was experiencing pain, swelling and discomfort in the breast area and arm. Dr. Broumand has removed fat from my mid section and hip and implanted the fat in the breast area. Since the operation, I have great range of motion in my left arm and the pain has subsided. The radiated area now looks so much better. Also, my arm swelling has gone down significantly. My oncologist at Sloan Kettering is so impressed that she is recommending Dr. Broumand to other breast cancer patients that have had radiation before breast implants. I could not have asked for a better outcome. My quality of life has increased and it is due to the excellent work Dr. Broumand and his staff have done. I am truly grateful and extremely pleased with the outcome. I now feel confident about my appearance again!”

Submitted By: M.M.

“It took me quite some time to make the decision to finally seek consultation for two procedures that were on my mind daily (and nightly) – why?… Was it pride? or fear? or that darn ego? (Probably a little of all three). Dr. Broumand had been highly recommended by a person that I trust and respect greatly and I decided to, at the very least, schedule an appointment for a consultation. After an ultra professional, educational, realistic and comforting meeting with Dr. Broumand and his team I could only say to myself, “I should have done this sooner”. Thrilled at the presented conservative options offered I decided to go for it and we moved the scheduled surgery along very quickly. Monselete Jill kept the “business” things organized and efficient while keeping me on point for preparations for surgery day and beyond. Dr. Broumand’s Team of Experts including but not limited to; Genevieve, Stephanie, Lisa, Nicole and surgery team are all so very kind, welcoming and helpful ~ with just the right touch of humor. I am only three weeks out from surgery and already I am carrying myself differently as well as interacting confidently and positively. I never realized how much I compensated my daily interactions because of my insecurities physically. Dr. Broumand’s expertise and direction helped me to make my best decision in moving forward. Dr. Broumand’s “work” is as an artistic sculpturist. Without wanting to sound overly dramatic ~ for me, at least, it was life changing.
Thank you Dr. Broumand and team!”

Submitted By: N.B.

“I’m very pleased with my decision to have Dr. Broumand perform my surgery. Not only was the staff kind and caring, my results are outstanding. Have already recommended his services to several friends.”

Submitted By: J.S.

“Eleven years ago Dr. Broumand did more than save my breast, his talent, work, patience and kindness made me feel like a women again. I was only 47 years old, scared and I thought my husband would never touch me again, he took the time to match both breasts. To this day I can look at myself in the shower, take my clothes off in front of my husband and have no shame. I live a cancer free life with breasts that no one can tell were reconstructed. Dr. Broumand I thank you and pray for you every night. God Bless You Always.”

Submitted By: P.H.

“My long tortuous road seeking relief from intractable abdominal pain ended at 740 Park Avenue. My journey had started two years before when a surgical approach to expose my spinal column to correct congenital back problems left me with severe adhesions. My abdomen felt like there was a rubber band in it which was stretching and snapped back when I moved in a certain way. When I sneezed, the pain shot through me like I was tasered. When advised that reconstruction of my abdomen was required to address my condition, I began my inquiry into who was the “best” surgeon to undertake the task. To me the best was who would seem to care about my outcome as if it was their own. Dr. Broumand did and he did a magnificent job. I am pain free and the bonus is the cosmetic result is more than I had ever dreamed would be possible.”

Submitted By: N.W.

“All my thanks to a very special surgeon, whose medical expertise and personal compassion is truly a gift to your patients.”

Submitted By: A.F.

“Following a single mastectomy in 2008, I underwent breast reconstruction and a lift on the opposite breast. In Dr. Broumand I found a caring and compassionate physician. His office is meticulously clean, and he and his staff are professional, pleasant and responsive to patient needs. Scheduling an appointment is easy, which is important especially to a working woman like myself, who does not live in the city. At my daughter’s recent wedding, I was told that I looked stunning in my dress, a dress I pulled straight from the rack in Saks. The seamstress in the store said that only a hem was needed for alterations. I did not even have to wear a bra! This I see as a testament to Dr. Broumand’s fine work. Thank you Dr. Broumand!!”

Submitted By: J.P.

“After undergoing a breast augmentation only a few weeks ago, I am incredibly impressed with the results achieved by Dr. Broumand. The overall look and feel of my breasts reflects his precise skill and as Dr. Broumand described during my consultation, my incision scars are barely noticeable. It was very helpful to have professional and friendly staff guide me through the process as well, especially Monselete Jill. I highly recommend Dr. Broumand for anyone considering breast augmentation.”

Submitted By: J.N.

“Just last month I had upper and lower blephorasty performed by Dr. Broumand, and I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Broumand is committed to doing the most natural plastic surgery that totally enhances your looks yet still keeps you looking like yourself… only younger and prettier! I was always very nervous about getting any type of fillers or plastic surgery because I never wanted to look like I had an especially “done” face but Dr. Broumand’s vision and abilities are fantastic, and I have never had to worry about that. His staff is extremely available, kind and caring and I especially give a shout out to Monselete Jill, Genevieve and Stephanie for their patience with my endless questions and concerns. The surgery and recovery were as promised…the facility and staff were top notch…. I had basically no pain, just was a little uncomfortable for three days or so and had a little bit of a tight feeling. My bruises were basically gone after two weeks and I was able to cover them well after about ten days. My results after one month are already fantastic, but I am told it takes two to three months for the full result and I am looking forward to that as I am already happy. I love how my eyes look… the crepey skin on my upper lids is gone and I have natural looking eyelids that are not too big. Dr. Broumand did not change the shape of my eyes at all, as promised, since I liked the shape. He just took away the droopy skin above and the bags that were beginning to develop below… and they will not be missed! I highly recommend Dr. Broumand for his incredible skill and talent as a surgeon. He put me at ease about a procedure that I had wanted for a long time, and I feel extremely confident about Dr. Broumand as my surgeon for any future procedures that I may choose to have. If you are considering blephorasty or any other type of plastic surgery, do yourself a favor and consult with Dr. Broumand before you move forward.”

“I had a facelift with Dr. Broumand and my results are more than amazing; he contoured my face in the most natural way. I look like myself but a better version with years taken off. I am going back to have my eyes done then my look will be complete. It was the best thing I have ever done.”

Submitted By: L.Z.

“I have felt blessed to have such a compassionate and skilled doctor. His staff has also uniformly exceeded my expectations in every instance. They could not be more discreet, sensitive or compassionate.”

Submitted By: K.K.

“From my first consultation to the final reveal, I have been very very happy with Dr. Broumand. He was patient with me and my millions of questions. The entire staff is friendly and knowledgable. And, now I have a new and much younger looking face. My healing process was remarkable.”

Submitted By: A.S.

“I share my experience with Dr. Broumand from a warm place within. At an uneasy and concern ridden time for me Dr. B. was my calm place. He and his office staff were, and continue to be, as available to me as needed. Importantly, I was treated with sensitivity specific to the particular needs that I presented with. Though emotional for me, surgically I was in the right and skillful hands of Dr. B. I knew this having had undergone surgery with him 18+ yrs. ago to great satisfaction. Now, once again, without regret.”

Submitted By: V.K.

“Many years post- ileostomy and reconnection I accepted my external “battle scars” as a relatively small price to pay for my return to good health. I exercised routinely, was in great physical condition but still needed to select clothing carefully and double up my exercise shirts to cover my misshapen abdomen with its long off-centered midline incisional scar as well as the abdominal bulge where my stoma once resided. Over time I became concerned that the bulge where my stoma had been seemed to be growing even with all of the exercise I was doing; in fact the exercise seemed to make it more pronounced. When I mentioned my concern to my GI surgeon, he suggested that I consult with Dr. Broumand. Dr. Broumand determined that I had an abdominal hernia that required an abdominoplasty with muscle repair, repositioning of my novel, removal of excess skin, some liposuction and the removal of the old stoma tissue.
The surgery took place in Dr. Broumand’s modern, impeccable, private operating room in his office. The individualized personal attention provided by Dr. Broumand and his staff started from the minute I opened the front door, continued with a hand and neck massage by an esthetician to reduce any anxiety during brief waiting periods, administration of anesthesia by Mount Sinai-affiliated professionals, the finest of care by Dr. Broumand, and even an escort out to the car after the procedure, as well as extensive follow-up calls and visits after discharge. Dr. Broumand has been voted one of the “Best Doctors in New York” for many reasons: his surgical skills are amazing; he is a true artist . He is passionate about his work and uncompromising about patient care, the outcome of surgery, and follow-up. Ultimately, he strives to make his patients happy.

It is now 10 months since the abdominoplasty and I cannot believe the new me. I am no longer doubling shirts at the gym and can wear almost anything comfortably and confidently. More importantly, my abdominal muscles are strong and I feel healthier than ever. I am so fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Broumand and I highly recommend him and his caring, dedicated staff to anyone considering abominoplasty or plastic surgery.”

Submitted By: M.M.

“My OBGYN recommended Dr. Broumand after breast feeding my third child left me with saggy breasts. That was 20 years ago. The breast lift made me feel beautiful and although Dr. Broumand said they could lose 50 percent of the lift over the years, they still look and feel great! He subsequently did a tummy tuck and liposuction that have left me with a flat tummy that feels hard and I have been back for Botox treatments several times. My daughter had her nose reshaped by Dr. B in the most natural looking way! You would never know she had work done on her nose but she looks beautiful. I am in my fifties now and my face, especially my eyelids, have begun to look droopy and tired. I hope to have a face lift and eyelid surgery as soon as I can save enough money to pay for it. Dr. B. is a wonderful doctor with a reassuring and professional personality that always makes me feel comfortable. His skills are impeccable and I will never trust any other plastic surgeon as I trust him.”

Submitted By: A.S.

“My abdomen was riddled with incisional hernias, one quite large, and scars from past surgeries. Dr. Broumand transformed this mess into a new belly that looks better than it has in 20 years! Before and after photos are the only way to truly convey the phenomenal job Dr. Broumand did. He and his staff are absolutely exceptional.”

Submitted By: W.K.

“I never imagined I would ever get plastic surgery of any kind and after two pregnancies and two c-sections I assumed that I was stuck with a saggy belly forever. After seeing Dr. Broumand’s work on a friend I decided to get a tummy tuck and, although it has only been a few weeks since the surgery, I can already honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. When Dr. Broumand took off the bandages at my one week appointment I was completely stunned – I look like a brand new person. My husband was speechless when he saw the results. I am already walking taller, more confident and thrilled with my new body. Dr. Broumand is a miracle worker – I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Submitted By: D.B.

“Thank you for changing my life. My breasts are natural, supple and perfect!!”

Submitted By: M.G.

“As a mother of 3 approaching my 40’s I became dissatisfied & self conscious of my stomach & breasts due to pregnancy & childbirth. I am a Pilates instructor and unfortunately found out that I could do all the core-ab work in the world but it still would not help tighten my stomach to the way it was before pregnancy. Being an A cup & nursing also affected my breast appearance drastically. I couldn’t even bare to look at myself topless in the mirror which really affected my self confidence.

I never thought in a million years that I would seek out a breast augmentation & tummy tuck! I had this pre-conceived notion that it looked “fake”. But Dr. Broumand changed all that. He took the time to listen to my needs & assured me that I would have very natural looking breasts & and a stomach as flat as a board.

That is exactly what I got! He has an exceptional staff that is very warm & caring as well. I could not be happier!”

Submitted By: C.C.

“I first came to Dr. Broumand’s office more than 7 years ago to continue the journey of changing my life. A couple of years prior I lost a great deal of weight and was unhappy with excess skin. I’ll never forget him telling me it will be a process taking a few years to complete. I was devastated thinking it couldn’t all be done “overnight.” So we began the new surgical journey which included 2 major operations for the tummy, hips, buttocks and inner thighs. All along the way he was supportive and brilliant. His attention to detail is unsurpassed.

And as my body was being reshaped, I fell in love with his work with Botox® and fillers. It gives me the excuse to come and visit more often. No one ever believes it when I tell my age.

Dr. Broumand is a brilliant surgeon but even more he’s a trusted advisor and someone I respect. His kindness and honesty makes it a pleasure to be a client. I am interested in having more work and I would never consider another doctor. I am honored to call him my plastic surgeon.”

Submitted By: S.H.

“Dr. Broumand has absolutely changed my life for the best. I had a breast reduction about 2 years ago and I haven’t been the same since. As a smaller girl with tremendous breasts that didn’t fit my body, I spent my entire youth and early adulthood hating the way I looked, covering up, and hiding under big clothes. Dr. Broumand and his entire team made me super comfortable during the entire process, and the results were far beyond my expectations. I have no noticeable scars, I can wear anything I would like and I no longer cower behind my large bras. My new found confidence and happiness was instantly noticeable, and I wound up meeting my future husband right after I had fully recovered. The surgery was the best thing I’ve ever done and I’d do it all over again! Thank you so much Dr. Broumand and team for such an incredible life change!”

Submitted By: J.H.

“Having experienced a number of facials let me tell you that this one was one of the most relaxing experiences. My skin looked better than it has in years. Still two weeks after the facial, my skin has retained a smoothness that I have not seen in quite a long time.”

Submitted By: L.M.

“My experience with plastic surgeon Dr.Broumand far exceeded my expectation. I was really ambivalent about doing the surgery but the doctor and staff couldn’t have been more courteous, professional and patient. All questions were answered thoroughly. None were too mundane. The post operative care was even more attentive. Dr. Broumand calls you and gives you his cell phone number in case you have a problem or pressing concern.

Stephanie will schedule your consultation and follow up appointments at times convenient to you.

Monselete Jill will handle payments and correspondence very professionally and discretely.

I would recommend Dr. Broumand to anyone considering plastic surgery for medical or cosmetic reasons. I know I’ll be back.”

Submitted By: J.S.K.

“The aesthetician put me at ease as she prepared me for my facial by explaining what to expect. The treatment was thorough and she gave a terrific massage of my neck and face!”

Submitted By: V.M.

“I had an event to go to and felt my skin looked dull. I was able to book a treatment during my lunch break. The aesthetician suggested the Micro-fusion which was a quick no downtime treatment that left my skin glowing for days.”

Submitted By: J.K.

“I have been going to Dr. Broumand’s aesthetician for the past few years now and always get great results. Recently she suggested I try a new treatment called Dermapen. I can definitely see a huge difference in my skin. I am in love with this treatment and have signed up for a series of 4!”

Submitted By: S.L.

“I had surgery on my eyes to remove unsightly bags, in addition to cool sculpting around my waist. The staff was nothing less than fantastic. I was made to feel comfortable; they attended to me with incredible care and attention. My expectations on everything from post operative pain, discomfort were absolutely bang on. They were also calling me many times subsequent to the operation to ensure I was ok and felt fine. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Submitted By: M.A.

“Dr. Broumand is an exceptionally gifted plastic surgeon. He has done two excisional biopsies in areas that are visible. Once healing takes place, the scars are no longer visible to me, to my dermatologist or even to Dr. Broumand. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Submitted By: M.C.

“Dr. Broumand and his team are nothing short of fantastic. They helped me through breast cancer treatment on every level. Dr. Broumand spent time reviewing all my options, encouraging me to explore all alternatives, and created a treatment team once I chose a path. His office staff is knowledgeable, supportive, and always available. During the entire course of treatment I was completely informed about the details of the surgeries and recoveries. Dr. Broumand’s surgical expertise is well known for a reason. To say I am happy with the results is an understatement. I feel healthy, strong, and very pleased with my appearance. I sincerely recommend Dr. Broumand.”

Submitted By: B.F.

“I went to Dr. Broumand with a very large and ugly open wound on my stomach. I couldn’t wear my clothes without this showing through. It wasn’t an easy fix but Dr. Broumand worked his magic and fixed it. My clothes now lay flat and I am so thrilled with the results.”

Submitted By: A.B.

“Dr. Broumand repaired an umbilical hernia for me. He is outstanding and without a doubt I would recommend him to a friend or family. He took a lot of time to explain the operation to me – even though it was minor surgery. His staff is professional and just wonderful.”

Submitted By: A.M.

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