Patient Financing Options for Plastic Surgery &
Aesthetic Procedures in New York, NY

At 740 Park Plastic Surgery, we understand that the cost of aesthetic care can be a significant concern for many individuals in New York City, preventing them from pursuing their desired cosmetic treatments and procedures. To address this, we are proud to offer flexible financing options through our partnership with CareCredit® and PatientFi®, two reputable third-party healthcare lenders. With these financing options, you can receive the aesthetic care you deserve while comfortably managing your budget.

If you are interested in using financial assistance to pay for a specific treatment or procedure at our Manhattan practice, a knowledgeable member of our staff will be glad to get you started with the CareCredit or PatientFi application process. If approved, you will be one step closer to achieving your cosmetic goals at a comfortable price.

Continue reading to learn more about CareCredit and PatientFi. If you have any unanswered questions, or if you wish to schedule a consultation with our NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Stafford Broumand, please contact us today.

CareCredit ®

CareCredit is a reputable healthcare credit card that offers convenient financing for medical expenses, including plastic surgery procedures. It provides a range of flexible payment plans designed to fit different budgets, empowering you to move forward with your desired treatment without delay.

Key Features of CareCredit:

  • Special Financing Options: CareCredit offers special financing options, such as interest-free or low-interest plans, for qualified applicants. These plans allow you to pay for your procedure over time without incurring high interest charges.
  • Wide Acceptance: CareCredit is widely accepted by healthcare providers, including 740 Park Plastic Surgery, making it a convenient financing solution for various medical and cosmetic treatments.
  • Quick Approval Process: Applying for CareCredit is quick and easy. You can complete the application online, and many applicants receive a credit decision within seconds.

No Prepayment Penalties: CareCredit allows you to make early or additional payments without any prepayment penalties. You have the flexibility to pay off your balance ahead of schedule if desired.


PatientFi is a leading healthcare financing platform that specializes in providing affordable and flexible payment plans for cosmetic procedures. With PatientFi, you can receive the treatment you desire and pay for it over time, making it more manageable for your budget.

Key Features of PatientFi:

  • Competitive Interest Rates: PatientFi offers competitive interest rates, ensuring that you receive a financing solution tailored to your needs while keeping the overall cost affordable.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms: You can choose from a variety of repayment terms that fit your budget, allowing you to make monthly payments that work for you.
  • Quick and Easy Application: Applying for PatientFi financing is a straightforward process. You can complete the application online, and approval decisions are often provided within minutes.
  • No Hidden Fees: PatientFi is transparent about its fees, ensuring there are no surprises along the way. You will know the exact terms of your financing agreement upfront.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. Through PatientFi and CareCredit, we aim to provide accessible financing options that can make your desired plastic surgery procedure or cosmetic treatment within reach.

Please note that financing options are subject to approval by the respective financing providers, and terms and conditions may apply.

Other Payment Options

For individuals who wish to pay for their plastic surgery procedure(s) out-of-pocket, our practice accepts most major credit cards, including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express, and Discover.

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