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Choosing the right breast implants is one of the most important factors in achieving beautiful, natural-looking results from breast augmentation surgery or implant breast reconstruction. At 740 Park Plastic Surgery in New York City, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stafford R. Broumand, offers a wide range breast implant varieties, including saline and traditional silicone styles. Additionally, our practice offers “gummy bear” cohesive gel implants, which is an innovative option that can provide a remarkably natural look and feel like natural breast tissue. At the time of your consultation, Dr. Broumand will present every implant option available, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each size, shape, type, and surface texture in great detail to help ensure you make the most educated decision based on your specific anatomical needs and cosmetic desires.

When selecting your breast implants, it is important to keep in mind that the decision should ultimately be based on your aesthetic goals, as well as what may be best for your unique body type. During your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Broumand will meet with you to discuss your medical history and cover all aspects of your implant surgery and demonstrate the variety of implant options you have to choose from—including implant placement, saline, silicone, and cohesive gel compositions; round or teardrop-shaped styles; smooth or textured surfaces; and a comprehensive review of available sizes. In addition, he will assess numerous physical qualities (such as cleavage, breast sagging, asymmetries, and desired post-operative breast size), discuss subglandular and submuscular placement options, as well as utilize advanced VECTRA 3D imaging to show you how various implants may look on your own body following the procedure. Ultimately, Dr. Broumand will make certain you have all the information you need to make the most informed decision possible.

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Breast Implant Types

The three types of breast implants offered at 740 Park Plastic Surgery include saline, traditional silicone, and cohesive silicone gel. To help ensure optimal device quality and excellent aesthetic results, Dr. Broumand uses implants manufactured by Allergan, Mentor®, and Sientra®—each of which is considered a leader in the design and development of breast implants available in the United States.

Saline Breast Implants

Approved by the FDA for patients 18 and above, saline breast implants have been utilized in breast augmentation procedures for numerous years and are still a popular choice today. Composed of a sterile saline (saltwater) solution enclosed in an outer silicone shell, this implant option has helped millions of women enhance the size and shape of their breasts with beautiful results. In the event a saline implant shell leaks and/or ruptures, the implant will deflate and the saline solution will be absorbed—and eventually expelled—harmlessly by the body. Despite the fact that a leak or rupture is often evidenced immediately, saline implants should still be monitored on a regular basis, and appropriate check-up visits with Dr. Broumand should be attended.

Traditional Silicone Breast Implants

Traditional silicone breast implants are FDA-approved for women aged 22 and over, as well as for breast reconstruction patients of any age. Composed of a thick silicone gel encased by an outer silicone shell, this implant option is noted for its natural look and feel. In addition, silicone implants are generally less susceptible to rippling in comparison to their saline counterparts, and they can be particularly beneficial for individuals who have a thin body frame. Should a leak occur, the silicone gel may either remain inside the shell of the implant or move into the breast pocket, but the implant will not appear deflated. For this reason, it is important to schedule regular visits during which Dr. Broumand can conduct a physical assessment (and/or perform an ultrasound or MRI screening, if necessary) to ensure the implants are fully intact and in good overall condition as they age.

Cohesive Gel (Gummy Bear) Breast Implants

Also referred to as “gummy bear” implants, cohesive gel breast implants are the newest type of implants to be FDA-approved for use by board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States. This advanced implant option is composed of a highly durable, form-stable silicone gel that creates an exceptionally natural shape and feel. Key benefits of gummy bear implants include their ability to achieve ideal breast proportions in addition to increasing breast size, their diminished rate of rippling, and their resistance to leaks in the rare event of a rupture. Furthermore, certain types of cohesive gel implants can create a more natural-appearing blend between the chest wall and the breasts. Just like traditional silicone implants, gummy bear implants also require routine examinations to assess their condition over time.

Breast Implant Shapes

Breast implants come in two different shapes: round and teardrop. The most appropriate shape will depend on the specific look and breast projection each patient is hoping to attain. Breast projection refers to the extent to which the breasts extend forward from the chest wall. It is a key aspect in the evaluation and planning of breast augmentation, reconstruction, or any cosmetic breast surgery. Projection is important because it affects the overall appearance of the breasts in relation to a person’s body frame. In the context of breast implants, projection is often categorized into various profiles, such as low, moderate, high, and extra-high projection. These profiles describe the forward distance that the breast or implant protrudes from the chest. High-projection implants offer a more prominent profile and are more forward-projecting, while low-projection implants have a wider base and project less. The choice of projection is influenced by the patient’s aesthetic goals, body type, and the natural anatomy of their breasts, aiming to achieve a balanced and desired look.

Round Implants

Round breast implants can be a great option for individuals seeking to achieve increased volume and fullness throughout the breasts, including the upper pole. There are also higher-profile options that can create added projection in certain patients. Since they have a uniform shape all over, the risk of round implants rotating out of place is significantly reduced.

Anatomically Contoured Implants

Anatomically contoured or anatomically shaped implants are generally recommended for patients who desire more volume in the lower portion of the breasts without much added fullness in the upper region (similar to how breasts are naturally shaped). They can also be an excellent choice for individuals who have minimal or thin breast tissue and need implants to create most, if not all, of their breast contour.

Due to their fuller bottom and tapered top, anatomically shaped implants may result in an abnormal appearance in the event they rotate. Additionally, a slightly larger incision is required to insert teardrop-shaped implants versus most round implants.

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Breast Implant Surfaces

Patients at our practice have a choice between smooth and textured implant surfaces. Both options have unique benefits, and the final decision will depend on the individual’s preference and/or the particular type/shape of her desired implants.


Smooth Implants

Smooth breast implants typically produce the softest feel, and they tend to create the most natural movement since they can shift freely within the breast pocket. One disadvantage, however, is that some degree of rippling—although still relatively rare—may become visible on the surface of the skin.


Textured Implants

Textured breast implants are designed to remain securely in place inside the breast pocket, reducing implant rotation—a key benefit for teardrop-shaped implants. This implant option has also shown a reduced risk of capsular contracture.

Ultimately, each implant type, shape, and texture has its advantages and disadvantages, all of which can be reviewed in comprehensive detail during a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. Once every aspect has been considered, the most appropriate implants for one’s unique needs and goals can be selected.

Breast Implant Incisions

There are several types of breast implant incisions, each with its advantages and considerations. The most common types of incisions for breast augmentation patients include the inframammary incision, made in the fold under the breast, which allows for direct access to the breast tissue and is well-concealed by the breast fold. The periareolar incision, made around the bottom half of the areola, is another option that provides good access for implant placement and is camouflaged by the texture and color of the areolar tissue. Additionally, the transaxillary incision, made in the armpit, offers the benefit of no scar on the breast itself, although it may limit implant placement options. Each type of incision has specific indications, benefits, and limitations, and the choice of incision is tailored to the patient’s anatomy, the type of implant, and the patient’s aesthetic goals.

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Schedule A Consultation For Breast Implants

If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery and want to explore your breast implant options, we invite you to schedule a personalized consultation in our Manhattan, New York office today. Discover how you can achieve your desired look with the guidance of a leading cosmetic surgeon in the heart of NYC. Contact us now to learn more about what breast implant surgery can do for you.

FAQs About Breast Implants

Can I breastfeed after having breast implant surgery?

Many women can breastfeed after breast implant surgery, but it can depend on the type of surgical procedure and the incision location. During your initial consultation, it’s important to discuss your future plans for breastfeeding so that surgical techniques that preserve milk ducts and nipple sensitivity can be considered.


Will breast implants affect mammogram readings?

Breast implants can impact the way mammograms are performed. It’s essential to inform your mammogram technician that you have implants so they can use special techniques to ensure a comprehensive view of the breast tissue. Regular mammograms should still be part of your health routine, and additional imaging may be recommended.


Is a breast lift necessary with breast implants if I have sagging breasts?

If sagging breasts or a loss of breast volume is a concern, a breast lift can be performed in conjunction with breast implant surgery for optimal results. This combination can enhance the breast’s shape, position, and size, contributing significantly to a woman’s self-confidence and body contouring goals. The decision is based on the individual’s anatomy and desired outcome, which is thoroughly discussed during the initial consultation.


How is the implant size chosen for breast implant surgery?

Choosing the right implant size is a critical aspect of achieving your desired look. This decision is made during the initial consultation, considering your body contouring goals, natural breast volume, body frame, and personal preferences. Dr. Broumand uses a combination of measurements and visual aids to help you visualize potential outcomes and decide on the implant size that best meets your expectations for enhancing your self-confidence and the appearance of your breasts.


Can liposuction be combined with breast implant surgery?

Yes, liposuction can be combined with breast implant surgery as part of a comprehensive approach to body contouring. This combination removes excess fat from specific areas of the body such as the bra line while enhancing the breast size and shape, providing a more balanced and proportionate figure. This approach is often discussed during the initial consultation for women looking to achieve more dramatic cosmetic surgery results.


What should I expect during the initial consultation for breast implant surgery?

During the initial consultation, Dr. Broumand will discuss your aesthetic goals, evaluate your breast volume and body frame, and recommend the best surgical procedures to achieve your desired outcome. You’ll also discuss implant types, sizes, and the surgery procedure, including risks and recovery expectations. It’s a comprehensive session designed to ensure you’re well-informed and comfortable with your cosmetic surgery plan.


How long is the recovery period after breast implant surgery?

The recovery period can vary, but most women can return to work and light activities within a week, with full recovery taking several weeks. During this time, it’s crucial to follow post-surgery instructions closely to ensure optimal healing and results. Details on the recovery process, including pain management and activity restrictions, will be provided during your initial consultation and after the surgery procedure.


How can breast implant surgery impact a woman’s self-confidence?

Breast implant surgery can have a significant positive impact on a woman’s self-confidence by enhancing the size, shape, and overall appearance of the breasts. This change often leads to greater satisfaction with body image and can improve how a woman feels in her clothing and in her overall appearance, contributing to an enhanced sense of self-esteem.

Interested in Breast Augmentation or Reconstruction Without Implants?

As an alternative to breast augmentation and breast reconstruction with implants, our plastic surgeons can enhance or reconstruct your breasts via fat transfer. This innovative technique involves the use of fat tissues taken from your own body to augment, reshape, or reconstruct the breasts with exceptional results. To learn more about this advanced surgical option, please visit our page on natural breast enhancement.

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