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Dr. Broumand
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Jowls: What Are They and How Can You Get Rid of Them?

Jowls: What Are They and How Can You Get Rid of Them? As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag, often resulting in the appearance of jowls. Jowls are characterized by loose skin and fat deposits that droop below the jaw and create a poorly defined jawline or even a double […]

Before and After photo of a woman of Jowls

How Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Athletic Performance

Cosmetic surgery might seem like only something celebrities or those with enough funds elect to have done. But these procedures are increasingly common among professional and amateur athletes, too. That’s because like any other patient, an athlete can benefit from some of the most popular cosmetic procedures athletes such as breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and […]

An athlete running.

How Wellness Challenges Can Benefit Weight-loss Efforts in the Long Term

The International Food Information Council found that 34% of adults in the United States are actively trying to lose weight. Some people might want to lose weight for health-related reasons or to look and feel better. Other times, losing weight becomes about combating obesity-related conditions, many of which can lead to preventable, premature death. Because […]

A person practicing mindfulness by meditating on the beach.

When Can Cosmetic Surgery Benefit Overall Health?

In the United States alone, more than 15 million cosmetic surgery procedures are performed every year. This includes anyone seeking surgery to enhance their physical appearance to those who simply want to enhance their quality of life.  Although many assume that a large percentage of these surgeries are focused on the former, plenty of surgeries […]

A plastic surgeon’s gloved hands touching a cheerful person’s face.

Improving Your Self-image for Greater Professional Success

Body image has been a significant topic in society for decades. Most of the time, people start to diet and exercise in an attempt to achieve their “perfect body.”  Nowadays, instead of striving for “perfection,” people are focused on tearing down the unrealistic beauty standards portrayed in the media and combating their negative effects on […]

A headshot of a confident business professional dressed in a suit smiling at the camera.

Plastic Surgeons Reveal The Ways Social Media Influences Patients

We’re going to come right out and say it: We’re living in a selfie-obsessed world. In 2016 alone ― the first year of Google Photo ― users uploaded more than 24 billion selfies, according to the tech company. We’re constantly snapping photos and sharing them with friends, family and followers on social media, giving ourselves a lot of […]

A Comprehensive Look at Every Type of Breast Surgery

More than half a million women had some form of cosmetic breast surgery in 2017—be it an augmentation, a lift or a reduction—according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Breast augmentation—improving the size and shape of the breasts with implants—is the most popular plastic surgery procedure year after year. Lifts, which elevate […]