EXPAREL® Post-Surgical Pain Management

At 740 Park Plastic Surgery, our board certified plastic surgeon feels that properly managing our patients’ postoperative pain is both physically and psychologically vital to achieving an ideal surgical outcome. To make this a reality, Stafford R. Broumand, MD uses an advanced analgesic known as EXPAREL® to supply men and women with long-lasting post-surgical pain relief in their targeted treatment area. As opposed to most postoperative pain medicines that last anywhere from a quarter of an hour to twelve hours, this revolutionary pain control method is designed to gradually release medication to a specific region for as long as three days. By employing EXPAREL®, our doctor can help you effectively manage possible discomfort following your aesthetic procedure, often without requiring additional pain control techniques.

After Which Procedures Can EXPAREL® Be Used?

EXPAREL® can be utilized to control postoperative pain and discomfort for any cosmetic treatment that Dr. Broumand would normally use a post-surgical analgesic or numbing agent, including:

How Does EXPAREL® Work?

Once your procedure is complete, a localized dose of EXPAREL® will be carefully injected into the targeted treatment area by your surgeon. Enclosed in a liposomal structure, EXPAREL® will then gradually release pain medicine to the region over the course of approximately 72 hours. This prolonged release is intended to prevent pain that might be experienced in the first few days following surgery, and by the time EXPAREL® has worn off, any residual discomfort will likely have subsided.

Ultimately, EXPAREL® is one of the most effective, longest-lasting analgesics available in the medical field today. With this innovative pain control technique, recovery from your aesthetic treatment can be easier and more comfortable than ever before.