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There is no question that having children can be one of life’s greatest rewards. The changes that often occur both during and after pregnancy can make regaining one’s pre-pregnancy figure extremely difficult. A comprehensive procedure known as a “Mommy Makeover” can be performed to improve and rejuvenate multiple areas of the body that have been affected by pregnancy and breast feeding.

With this all-inclusive cosmetic option, Dr. Stafford Broumand can custom-tailor a combination of breast, body, and/or facial treatments to address your specific needs and concerns; ultimately helping to restore a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance with natural-looking results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A “Mommy Makeover” refers to a combination of procedures a woman can undergo with the goal of restoring her pre-pregnancy figure. At 740 Park Plastic Surgery, every Mommy Makeover is custom-tailored to your unique needs. Most commonly, Mommy Makeover will include some combination of breast surgery and body contouring technique with the added option of facial rejuvenation. Depending on your unique goals and aesthetic desires, a mommy makeover can include:

-Mastopexy to reduce excess skin and drooping in the breasts
-Breast augmentation to restore lost volume and improve breast shape.

-Abdominoplasty to tighten loose abdominal muscles and create a flatter, more toned midsection
-Liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of localized fat.

-Various non-surgical treatments and skin care services to rejuvenate areas that may not require surgical intervention.

Ultimately, the exact combination of procedures will be determined during the pre-surgical consultation, following physical assessment and thorough discussion of your specific needs.

The initial consultation for Mommy Makeover requires roughly 60 minutes. Our surgeons’ goal during this time is to listen attentively to your concerns so he can fully understand your motivation and goals for treatment. If having someone else present will help you better retain the information, ask the pertinent questions, and provide overall moral support, we encourage inviting a close friend or family member to attend the consultation with you.

During this in-depth appointment, Dr. Broumand will conduct a physical exam and discuss medical history to better determine what is the best option for you. Following the examination, we will discuss the expected surgical outcome with the help of VECTRA® XT technology—an advanced imaging system that allows a 3D image of your body to be taken and modified based on the proposed procedural strategy. This innovative tool can help you establish realistic expectations for surgery, potentially leading to higher postoperative satisfaction.

Once a treatment plan has been decided and agreed upon by both you and your surgeon, our friendly staff will assist you schedule your procedure at your convenience.

Prior to your Mommy Makeover procedure, our team will provide a comprehensive pre-operative list to ensure you have the best experience possible. Some of the things you can do leading up to treatment procedure is refrain from aspirin products, stop certain medications, avoid particular vitamins, and add Arnica herbal supplements to your regimen.

When the day of surgery arrives, you will be greeted by our office staff and taken back for prep. Once settled, you will meet with the surgical nurse and anesthesiologist individually. Your surgeon will visit to review any final questions before treatment.

The specifics of the Mommy Makeover procedure will depend on the particular treatments being employed, whether or not they are being conducted simultaneously, and the extent of the concerns being addressed. In many instances, the selected combination of procedures will be performed at one time under general anesthesia. Some patients may need to have their mommy makeover spaced out over multiple visits. This decision will often depend on safety, available recovery time, financial considerations, job/family responsibilities and a variety of other factors that your surgeon will discuss in thorough detail as part of the consultation process.

Following a Mommy Makeover, the extent of recovery and downtime will depend on the specific combination of procedures performed, as well as the body’s natural healing process. Some swelling and/or bruising is to be expected in the targeted treatment areas, but these symptoms should resolve over time. Any potential post-operative discomfort can often be managed with a 72-hour anesthetic called EXPAREL® that our doctor utilizes at the time of your procedure. During the initial stages of recovery, it is imperative that a friend or loved one is available to help with everyday tasks—e.g. lifting heavy objects and/or taking care of children. Resuming strenuous activities too soon may prevent proper healing and compromise final results. With time, patients are advised to gradually return to daily routines as they feel comfortable, with close supervision and follow ups with your surgeon.