Despite numerous diet and exercise efforts, the accumulation of fat beneath the chin—also known as submental fat or a “double chin”—tends to remain a concern for many women and men. KYBELLA® is a revolutionary injectable procedure designed to non-surgically diminish the appearance of submental fat through the destruction of localized fat cells. By employing this advanced alternative to surgical liposuction, Stafford R. Broumand, MD can help you achieve a slimmer, more contoured chin profile with lasting results.

What Can KYBELLA® Do for Me?

Based on your specific aesthetic concerns and desires, KYBELLA® may be able to help you:

  • Non-surgically reduce—or eliminate—fat below the chin
  • Improve the definition of the jawline
  • Enhance the under-chin profile
  • Complement the results of another facial procedure
  • Attain long-lasting results

* results may vary

The KYBELLA® Procedure

Approved by the FDA for patients 18 years and older, this innovative double chin treatment consists of a deoxycholic acid-based solution that is carefully injected with an ultra-fine needle. Over time, the KYBELLA® solution works to break down fat cells in the submental region, ultimately creating a slimmer, more toned chin profile. Depending on the individual’s specific needs and desires, a total of about two to six treatments administered a minimum of one month apart may be required to attain optimal results, though subsequent treatments are typically not needed as the final results can be long-lasting. As of now, KYBELLA® is the only minimally invasive injectable procedure to obtain FDA approval for submental fat reduction.

KYBELLA® Recovery

Following the KYBELLA® procedure, some temporary swelling and/or bruising is often experienced, but these side-effects tend to dissipate quickly and can often be concealed with makeup. Although rare, any potential discomfort or soreness that occurs after treatment can usually be well managed with medication, and the majority of patients are able to resume normal daily routines and activities within about one to two days, if not the day of their treatment.

Results from KYBELLA® generally take a few weeks to become fully apparent, but once the final outcome is realized, the need for follow-up sessions is not typically necessary.