Month: April 2017

Dr. Broumand Highlighted in Article recently spotlighted Dr. Broumand in the article, Help for Double Chins, discussing options for eliminating bothersome fat under the chin. Dr. Broumand explains how a minimally invasive injectable, Kybella®, works to breakdown fat in the area. One of Dr. Broumand’s patients shares his experience with Kybella® treatments at 740 Park Plastic Surgery. Click the […]

Why Are Smaller Implants Becoming More Popular for Breast Augmentation?

Not so long ago, the common desire for breast augmentation was to significantly increase the size of one’s breasts using large implants. Doing so created a “busty” appearance that often dominated a woman’s figure. While this look is still sought-after by many women, things are trending in a different direction these days, particularly here in […]

Dr. Broumand Featured in E! News Online Article

Dr. Broumand was recently highlighted in the E! News Online article, Celebrity Botox: What It Looks Like 15 Years Later, discussing the popularity of Botox®, even 15 years after its FDA approval in 2002. Dr. Broumand mentions the use of Botox ® as a preventive method to anti-aging and the importance of going to a […]

Scheduling Breast Augmentation Before Your Wedding

Are you getting married and hoping to receive a breast augmentation before your wedding? If so, we’d like to first wish you congratulations on your engagement! Secondly, we want to offer a few pieces of advice in regard to how far in advance you should schedule your procedure to make sure your breasts are completely […]