Month: August 2017

What Will My Scars Look Like After Breast Reduction?

As a procedure requiring incisions, some degree of scarring is an unavoidable aspect of breast reduction surgery. That being said, certain measures can be taken both during and after treatment to help ensure the final visibility of breast reduction scars is as minimal and inconspicuous as possible. At 740 Park Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic […]

CBS New York News Features Dr. Broumand

Dr. Broumand was recently highlighted in a segment on CBS New York News, Latest Wedding Trend Has Brides Asking Bridesmaids To Get Botox For The Big Day. The piece tells the story of a bride and her bridesmaids getting botox and lip fillers from Dr. Broumand to look their best for the wedding. Dr. Broumand […]

Dr. Broumand Featured in Refinery29 Video

Dr. Broumand was recently featured in the Refinery29 video, Here’s What Getting Botox At 30 Is ACTUALLY Like. Dr. Broumand is shown injecting Zach with Botox® for the crow’s feet around his eyes, and giving lip fillers to Elysia. Both editors were satisfied with Dr. Broumand’s tailored approach to their treatments and say they would […]

What Impacts Breast Reduction Prices?

Many women who are experiencing physical discomfort and/or feelings of self-consciousness associated with excessively large breasts may find breast reduction surgery to be an excellent solution. Designed to remove extra glandular tissue, fat, and skin, this treatment can create a more proportionate breast size and enhanced breast contour, often resulting in less physical discomfort and […]

Allure Online Article Features Dr. Broumand

Allure recently featured Dr. Broumand in their online article, This Injectable Treatment Dissolves Unwanted Botched Facial Fillers in Seconds. The article discusses the use of hyaluronidase to dissolve unwanted hyaluronic acid fillers. Dr. Broumand explains that he administers hyaluronidase to patients that come in from other offices with “poorly placed” or “overly full” filler. He […]

Dr. Broumand Featured in New York Lifestyle Magazine

New York Lifestyle Magazine recently featured Dr. Broumand in their special edition article, The Art of the Scalpel & Syringe. In the piece, Dr. Broumand gives a brief history of 740 Park Plastic Surgery and discusses changes he has witnessed in the plastic surgery industry. He also explains what a mommy makeover consists of and […]

Bloomberg Radio Interviews Dr. Broumand

Bloomberg Radio recently interviewed Dr. Broumand, discussing how Americans are spending billions on plastic surgery procedures every year. Dr. Broumand explains to listeners the most popular procedures, as well as the companies that produce the top treatments and products used by plastic surgeons. He also talks about how social media is influencing people to get […]