What Impacts Breast Reduction Prices?

Many women who are experiencing physical discomfort and/or feelings of self-consciousness associated with excessively large breasts may find breast reduction surgery to be an excellent solution. Designed to remove extra glandular tissue, fat, and skin, this treatment can create a more proportionate breast size and enhanced breast contour, often resulting in less physical discomfort and improved self-esteem.

Like other plastic surgery treatments, the cost of breast reduction surgery is affected by several different elements. Some of the most common factors that impact the price of the procedure include:

  • How much fat, glandular tissue, and skin needs to be removed
  • Whether or not any relevant medications are needed before or after surgery
  • Charges for the surgeon, anesthesia, and operating facility
  • The expertise and experience of the plastic surgeon
  • The city in which the practice is located
  • The specific insurance plan/coverage the patient has

For some individuals, an additional expense may be incurred if tissue samples are sent to a pathology lab for testing upon removal.

At our practice, all breast reductions are customized based on the particular needs and aesthetic goals of the patient. For this reason, an in-person consultation with one of our New York City plastic surgeons is needed to determine exact pricing for the procedure. At this time, your doctor can provide a detailed breakdown of the estimated breast reduction cost following a physical examination and thorough discussion of the proposed treatment plan.

In the event your insurance does not cover breast reduction surgery—or if the procedure is only covered in part—we offer numerous financing options through CareCredit® that can help make treatment fit your budget. Our staff will be happy to discuss your choices and assist you in making an informed decision.

For more information about breast reduction, or if you are interested in scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons, please contact 740 Park Plastic Surgery today.