Complement Your Weight Loss Efforts with Liposuction

a beautiful woman working out on a yoga mat

For women and men who stick to a strict diet and log hours upon hours at the gym, not seeing the exact weight loss and toning effects they strive for can be rather disheartening. Sure, the number on the scale may go down and the arms and legs might shape up quite nicely, but certain areas of the body may seem to remain immune to change no matter how many vegetables are eaten or miles run. Some of the most common of these stubborn regions include the abdomen, lower back, hips, buttocks, and even the neck. Fortunately, diet- and exercise-resistant fat accumulations in each of these areas (and more) can often be significantly reduced – or even eliminated – with liposuction, helping to refine and/or accentuate one’s weight loss and toning efforts.

At 740 Park Plastic Surgery, I perform a specialized liposuction technique that we refer to as “liposculpting.” With this approach, we carefully sculpt the body with a seasoned aesthetic eye as opposed to solely focusing on unwanted fat in a particular area. This allows us to ensure the treated regions seamlessly blend with each patient’s unique figure, ultimately producing the most natural-looking results. Once the procedure is performed, it is crucial to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to enjoy an optimal outcome well into the future.

In the end, liposuction should in no way be regarded as a weight loss procedure, but when employed as a complement to a nutritious diet and regular exercise routine, it can help many men and women achieve the slimmer, more toned physique they desire.

Dr. Stafford R. Broumand, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon