Which Breast Implant Placement Creates the Most Natural-Looking Results?

A number of factors go into achieving natural-looking breast augmentation results, including the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon, the size and type of breast implants chosen, and where the implants are specifically placed within the breasts. In regard to implant placement, patients have three options: above the muscle (subglandular), beneath the muscle (submuscular), and dual plane (a combination of subglandular and submuscular).

While each technique can produce extremely natural-appearing results for the right individuals, our board-certified plastic surgeons at 740 Park Plastic Surgery prefer to utilize dual plane placement in the majority of breast augmentation cases. The reason they favor this approach is because it offers the benefits of both subglandular and submuscular positioning. More specifically, it improves durability in the lower portion of the breast while enhancing soft tissue coverage and creating a more natural-looking transition between the implant and chest wall in the upper portion of the breast.

For a more personalized response to which implant placement will yield the most natural-appearing results, we encourage you to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with our doctor. After performing a thorough evaluation and comprehensively discussing your specific goals, Dr. Broumand can outline the advantages and disadvantages of each implant placement based on your unique needs, helping you identify the best option for an optimal outcome.